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          New Haven,
          Jawahar Junction,
          The Post Master,
          Palluruthy Post Office,

          Sub:-Stopping payment of pension to Smt P.S.Elsie-reg.

  •           I report that my mother Smt.P.S.Elsie ,Supervisor(telephones) who was getting pension from that office (P.P.O.No700/TAC/KRL) has died and that no pension need be disbursed to her. I am enclosing the copy of the death certifilcate.
              Further I request that steps may please be taken to get family pension to her unmarried and mentally retarded daughter Kumary. A. Mary  Kutty, now residing at Santi Bhavan Convent, Edacocni for which she is eligible. The necessary documents have already been sent to office    of controller of communications accouts.
              I hope you will take an early step in this matter.


                                                                   Yours faithfully


                                                                   Joseph Kunju.A